Idle zoo: Safari Rescue (WIP)

Idle zoo: Safari Rescue is a passion project for which I make art in my spare time. It is an idle game where you have to take care of and collect your own animals.

While running this project I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and was responsible for working in vector for things like UI and the animals themselves.

This project is carried out together with:

Milan Pires (Game-Artist)
Thijs Adema (Developer)

Sly Emenike (Developer)

Tip of the Tongue, (Global Game Jam 2021)
This was my first time in a game jam so I was quite nervous about it. Fortunately, I ended up having a great time making art for this project. I am very proud that the game had its own personality within 2 days due to my art and music.
This game was made with the help of 2 developers:
Bas du Pré (Developer)
Kyle van den Boom (Developer)
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