Idle zoo: Safari Rescue (WIP)
The goal of the game is to rescue animals, like this giraffe and build your own zoo with them. While in the zoo, they give you coins! You can keep them there until you have rescued enough to release them back into the wild!

While running this project I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and was responsible for working in vector for things like UI and the animals themselves.

This project is carried out together with:

Milan Pires (Game-Artist)
Thijs Adema (Developer)

Sly Emenike (Developer)

Tip of the Tongue, (Global Game Jam 2021)
This was my first time in a game jam so I was quite nervous about it. Fortunately, I ended up having a great time making art for this project. I am very proud that the game had its own personality within 2 days due to my art and music.
This game was made with the help of 2 developers:
Bas du Pré (Developer)
Kyle van den Boom (Developer)
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